WipEout Fusion

WipEout Fusion

SCE Studio Liverpool

The year is 2150 and the Federation, the organization behind previous incarnations of the Wipeout anti-gravity racing leagues, decides it’s time that new advances in technology are utilised to create a whole new racing experience – the Wipeout 9000 league.
Accordingly, eight new teams are created from all around the world, and the very best drivers recruited. New tracks are built, with a wider range of mind-boggling features than ever before, from jump ramps and trigger pads, crossroads and short-cuts to vertical air jumps and even an anti-gravity pad that instantly flips your ship to race on the underside of the track’s roof.
Now, with the teams in place, the craft fuelled up and the weapons primed, it’s time for the race of your life. It’s time for Wipeout Fusion.
Alex Reece – EG-R Technologies

Carlos Beneto – FEISAR

Daniel Johnson – FEISAR

Franco Gonzales – Auricom Research Industries

Jann Schlaudecker – Piranha Advancements

Myima Tsarong – Piranha Advancements

Nami Mishima – Van-Uber Racing Development

Naomi Turner – G-Tech Systems

Natasha Belmondo – Xios International

Omarr Khumala – Tigron Enterprises

Pascale Rouser – Auricom Research Industries

Paul Cheung – EG-R Technologies

Roberto Sergio – G-Tech Systems

Songen Grey – Van-Uber Racing Development

Sveta Kirovoski – Tigron Enterprises

Zala Wollf – Xios International
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Auricom Research Industries

EG-R Technologies


G-Tech Systems

Piranha Advancements

Tigron Enterprises

Van-Uber Racing Development

Xios International

All teams